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Food quality assessment is a critical and essential aspect in today’s life. Because it can have severed effect on the lives. Low-quality agricultural and food products can pose serious risks and incur high costs. As a result, the relevant requirements in the field of food industry and agricultural products are expanding and becoming stricter.

These requirements have established frameworks and rules for all steps in food and agricultural industries (the whole of food supply chain) from the farmlands to the dining tables.

All grower, food packer, or any other main position in the food supply chain, should consider and obey these rules. This requires that strict controls be carried out by experienced experts at different stages


These controls are done based on common standards, national laws and regulations such as:

Food sampling inspection standards: CAC/GL 50-2004, ISO 8423:1991, GB/T 30642, etc.

Food sensory evaluation standards: CODEX, ISO, GB, and other classification standards.

Food testing and analysis standards: National and international standards and other standards related to microbiology detection, pesticide residues detection, physico-chemical analysis, etc.

Factory/store audit standards: ISO9000, ISO14000, ISO22000, HACCP.