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Product Inspections

DENISPECTION QC inspections evaluate the consistency of the product quality and quantity to desired requirements.

QC inspections are performed based on project quality plan can give the customers clear feedback about the requirements to be met and also the ability of vendor to provide the products on the scheduled time.

Consequently, an effective risk management system can be employed. Also, efficiency can be improved and the compliance with contractual or regulatory requirements can be checked. These can lead to make a strong business and increase the company contribution in competitive markets.

QC Inspections Categories

There are various types of QC inspections as below. Depending on the product, project requirements, and other factors, any one, or all of these, can be executed:

Prior to starting the production, the raw materials and components will be checked to evaluated if these meet the desired requirements and are available in quantities needed to satisfy the production plan?

This is an important stage to prevent possible problem regarding materials and components that can be occurred in the next steps of the project.

During production and based on the approved quality plan, some inspection visit will be held to insure the consistency of the product wo the main requirements and specifications. This kind of inspection can identify the possible defect or problems. Based on the outcomes, necessary decision can be made.

When the production is completed and before shipment, the pre-shipment inspection will be done to final investigation of the products based on the approved requirement and specifications. This is an important stage because after the shipment of products, there will be a limited access to modify.

In the loading inspection, the inspector witnesses all loading process to ensure that the items are complete and securely loaded. During this visit, the quantity, completeness and packing will be checked for the last time. The loading inspection starts with a container evaluation. If the results of container check be acceptable and also the packing condition be confirmed then the loading process continues. During the loading process, the quantity that should be loaded also are controlled.